This program is ideal for individuals and groups with some experience in speaking English such as graduate and post doctoral students, long-term visitors, working professionals and au pairs.  Focused on improving your understanding of North American English, the program combines student's life experiences with first-hand exposure to American culture.  This interactive learning approach makes classes engaging, challenging and fun!  No text books are required.

About You


"In Mike's classes we had real conversations, in English, about everyday topics.  I was able to express my opinions and I felt like I was able to communicate in English.  Mike has the ability to create an environment where students feel comfortable to speak and where learning comes in an easy, almost unconscious way"

Ana Iriarte, Madrid

"Mike's classes are remarkable for three reasons: He is always well prepared with a wide variety of materials and activities, it is obvious that he really enjoys teaching English, and he makes every effort to recognize and promote the cultures of his students thereby promoting mutual respect and understanding."

Yu Murayama, Tokyo

About Me

My name is Mike Ward and I've been using my unique teaching methods in American English since 2006.  I believe that conversation is the lifeblood of language.  In my classes, you will speak conversational US English all the time.  Topics range from current events and cooking, to controversies and comedy.  No subject is taboo because you-the student-will be part of the selection process.  The focus will be on topics and issues that are important to you.