Peggy DeFilippo has taught English for Professional Development and for school aged students for 20 years.  She is bilingual and also teaches Spanish.  She helped to start, and is actively involved with a large Hispanic volunteer outreach program in Central Florida.    

Debora Meletti is a specialist in Sales Planning and Forecasting with broad experience in both Brazilian and International Corporations.  She lives in Sao Paulo and is fluent in English.  Debora is available to help students who need to speak a little Portuguese as they learn English. 

Rick Gabe  is a freelance writer based in Philadelphia, PA.  Rick specializes in Business Writing (Credit and Accounts Receivable, Finance, Fund Raising, Non- profit and the Arts) along with editing.  He is also skilled in Sales Presentations, RFPs (Request for Proposals) and web based content.

Tracey Gass Ranze is a poet, designer, and teacher based in Milanville, PA.  She specializes in creative writing (A book of her poetry – Storm Farmer – was published in 2011) and in- depth conversation.  A mother of four grown boys, she has worked with the visually impaired for the last 19 years.