"I first heard about Mike from a good friend who couldn't stop telling me about her amazing learning experience with him.  As someone who just finished her Masters in Clinical Psychology back in Israel before moving to Philadelphia, my English level was pretty advanced.  Therefore I knew I would need a learning program that would be more personalized and suitable to my needs.  When I first talked with Mike I was very surprised to learn that his complete teaching model relies on designing a specific work plan for each student, while constantly committed with enormous sensitivity to adjust it to my changeable needs.  At first we focused on a few objectives, concentrating on helping me  to improve my writing communication skills while expanding my vocabulary and the ability to express myself confidently in my field of expertise (Psychology).  As I can assure you, after only two months of working together with Mike, I can confidently say I have reached my goals"

Ruthi Senesh -

PhD Candidate, Hebrew University

Jerusalem, Israel

Oscar Montoya

Lecturer in Spanish, University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA

"I had taken previous Advanced English classes before meeting Mike and the results were very frustrating.  I thought I had reached my limit with English; my experience with Mike changed this belief completely.

He really understood the meaning of "advanced conversation": he always picked very interesting topics and knew how to explore them in the classroom.  He was very respectful and treated the students as intelligent and educated people who wanted to improve their English through professional and academic activities.

When the course ended, I asked him to keep working with me as a tutor, and it has been fantastic!  Mike understood perfectly what I wanted to do in order to improve my communicative English:  we talked about movies and books, and we have discussed some polemic political and social issues; simultaneously, he has kept identifying my grammar and pronunciation mistakes and for every meeting he has shown up with specific activities to correct them.  For me, he has been the best English teacher I have ever had, and I hope to keep working with him for a long time."

Working with Mike was very gratifying.  He really likes to teach and knows how to do it.  He is also very creative, always has something new and his classes were never boring.  He is open to everyone's needs and works to meet his student's specific goals.

He really helped me with my self confidence and we had a good time together.

For me he was more than a teacher, he was a friend!

Dr. Aline Monteiro Oliveiro


Sao Paulo,Brazil

Mike helps you to learn English in an enjoyable way.  You are challenged to work on projects where you have to generate the ability to create, think, and communicate in English.  One week you could be broadcasting a TV news show, two weeks later you could be debating about important world topics.  His classes are both dynamic and fun.



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Hector Jaspersen


Mexico City